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Valentines Day Heart Cake by Tery

Valentine’s Day Daily Eats Special

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year! Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show your loved one just how much you care. Whether you’re planning a cozy night in or an evening out on the town, there’s no better way to... Read more →

Super Bowl LVII Menu by Tery

Are You Ready for Super Bowl LVII?

What’s on your Super Bowl, Sunday Menu? The excitement surrounding the Super Bowl game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs is palpable. The two teams have been preparing for this moment for months and fans have been eagerly counting down the days... Read more →

Sausage and Peppers by Tery Spataro

Sausage and Peppers Instant Pot Recipe

ChatGPT gets dinner done This recipe was written by an AI and has not been tested. As always, make sure to use your best judgment when cooking and follow all safety protocols. Sausage and Peppers Instant Pot Recipe: A Delicious, Flavorful, and Easy Dinner Are you... Read more →

National Pizza Day 2023 pepper onions mushrooms tomato sauce on pizza crust by Tery

Every Pizza Lovers’ Favorite Day

Happy National Pizza Day National Pizza Day is celebrated on February 9th every year and is all about celebrating one of America’s favorite foods. From cheese–only to topped with veggies and meats, there are so many different ways to enjoy a slice of pizza. Whether... Read more →

Sweet Potato Flower is Similar to Morning Glory

Effortless Sweet Potato Growing

This past year I decided to try growing sweet potatoes. I bought an organic sweet potato from Lucky’s Market. Cut off the tips grow slips and eat the remaining. Two slips later I had four buckets of sweet potato vines. After six months I had... Read more →