Is LA Growing On Me? 3/11-14/05

I took the milk run from Phoenix to LA, you know that very early morning Southwest flight which only the hard core business travelers, who dare to beat the cows to the office. First stop was the Rose Cafe. A lovely country style cafe with outdoor eating. I had a great bagel with tomato and cream cheese with a decaf-coffee. … Read More

St. Patrick’s Dinner Photos

As promised photos of my mother’s delicious St. Pat’s dinner, Corn Beef and Potatoes & Carrots. To finish it off with the traditional Irish drink, Guinness. It was very yummy St. Patrick’s dinner!

Happy Saint Pat’s and Corn Beef

Where did the time go? I can hardly believe it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s all about corn beef today. My mother has been preparing for this day. She’s been bragging about a recipe for corn beef that will make your mouth water with joy. I’ll have the taste and tell on corn beef tonight. I am behind in Daily Eats. … Read More

Holy Hostess Twinkie Sushi

Well I’m on a roll that would be sushi roll. Since Scott Ferguson introduced me to Spam Musubi, he started me thinking about unusual sushi rolls. Here’s one from Planet Twinkie that has most food bloggers giggling in tags. Especially, Boing Boing’s lovely, Xeni Jardin who posted Twinkie Sushi Party, Yay. Once you get over the ick factor, the aesthetics … Read More

PunditDrome Reveals Secrets of Spam Musubi

Daily Eats is honored to be among the admirable food bloggers on PunditDrome. PunditDrome’s excellent taste in food bloggers includes two of my favorites: Kiplog’s Food Blog and Gastronomie. We asked Scott Ferguson, of PunditDrome fame, what he likes to eat when he is blogging. Scott’s response in his own words will tickle your taste buds and intrigue your tummy: … Read More

Couples Bond Through Shared Experiences

Couples can bond by cooking together and that’s the best way of keeping a long-term relationship happy and healthy. The process of cooking takes us back to our most primitive instincts and rejuvinates the five senses. Bond is exactly what Joyce and Tony do when they cook together. Regardless of the constant arguments over food preparation etiquette and cooking styles … Read More