Moonshadows Restaurant in Malibu

Pop idol queen, Britney Spears gave this place her kiss of approval, but who says this 20-something year old has taste? What Moonshadows lacks in ambiance and limited décor makes up in sightseeing, and the view of Malibu seaside is spectacular. Moonshadows is not recommended for intimate conversations or business deals. The Food: I loved the Ripe Bartlett Pear Salad, … Read More

In Search of the Perfect Slice

Not to overdo the topic of pizza, but as a New York defector I must say that I’ve only once had pizza outside of the city that falls under the category of “tolerable.” Today at work, eight boxes of the stuff arrived to feed interns, editors and ad reps alike. This week’s issue is a triple press run, which means … Read More

Food Blogs…

Posted Jul 18, 2005, 10:22 PM ET by Jason Calacanis on his blog, he ponders, “Are there any good food blogs out there?”If there are people out there who love to eat, there are great food blogs. Daily Eats considers itself a great food blog.

Eatza Pizza

What would happen if you combined Luby’s Cafeteria and Pizza Hut, with a little bit of Chuck E Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza throw in? You’d get Eatza Pizza. Oh, and all you can eat. I went in to the location at 101 and Raintree, in Scottsdale to test out the place. Well, actually, it was 3.00 PM and I … Read More

Welcome Jeremy Pepper to Daily Eats

Meet Jeremy Pepper our newest addition to Daily Eats. Jeremy is well connected in the PR world, and no slough to the blogging world. You can find his strong professional views about PR at For Daily Eats Jeremy created a new category of food love known as Ghetto Food where he lends us his fierce biting wit and wisdom … Read More

Fiamma of Scottsdale….

I’m no stranger to B.R. Guest Restaurants. While living in New York I dined divinely at Blue Water Grill (several times with varies male suitors), both Dos Caminos (many occasions), Isabella’s, both Ruby Foo’s (a regular at Times Square since I lived so close by). And my favorite haunt for agency execs, Park Avalon where plenty of client engagements and … Read More

Heart Healthy Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Since we are on the subject of addictions. Let me reveal my one and only one: DARK CHOCOLATE! Have you heard about the benefits of eating dark chocolate? CNN reported today that Dark Chocolate has some very heart healthy benefits. I gathered opinions on chocolate from my very successful sophisticated educated lovely and beautiful friends: Kim Buchheit, “Chocolate: My FAVORITE … Read More

Passionate About Ice Cream…

It’s summer in Phoenix, and this week it was HOT! 115f degrees and getting hotter. Ice Cream is one of those foods you just crave on a hot, hot, Phoenix summer day. You get the point, it’s frakin HOT HERE. As the comments on the Daily Eats blog heated up ice cream seems to be a passionate HOT discussion topic, … Read More

You know that you’re an addict when…

I am a barista. My job is to brew copious amounts of caffeinated beverages and sell them to sleepyheaded coffee fiends at outrageous prices. I am a drug-pusher of sorts, a liaison between the producer and consumer, the one who turns the raw product into something drinkable. But, apparently, my job may soon lose its relevancy. Behold the miracle of … Read More

Sharpen your Saber & Appetite, and say your Prayers…

Iron Chef America is back in full swing. From coconuts, clams, catfish to pizza dough what interesting edible delights will they concoct to temp us?Watching for the first time, I sat at the edge of my seat, never during a cooking show, have I sweat so much. I thought “oh my…that’s way too much type A energy in this kitchen, … Read More