Oh My Charley-O’s!

It’s not often a girl gets to dine with three hunky men and on some nice meaty steaks! Too bad it wasn’t the other way around, ya know? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! Ahem. Anyway, I had the privilege to have some DELICIOUS steaks at the Charley-O chain restaurant in Times Square. Now, normally I wouldn’t go near a place like … Read More

Pizza Day Monday On Slashfood

Remember when you were a kid, Pizza day was on Friday, which singaled the end of a long hard school week? Well, I love that Slashfood starts the week off right with Pizza!“Do not adjust your computer screens: you have entered Slashfood’s 12 hour marathon of wall-to-wall pizza posts. “ – blogger, Karina Longworth post to kick of pizza blogging … Read More

Food Bloggers World Map

Tana Butler, Tana Butler, who photographs and writes about small farms on her blog*, created the Food Bloggers World Map! Currently, there are just over 200* stakes from food bloggers around the globe. Now that’s what I call global food love! There are food bloggers from far way places that I can only dream of going to for exotic spices … Read More

NY Daily Eats – The High & Low of Eating in NYC

Where can you get high on New York, enjoy a great view, sip a glass of wine, and take in some culture?Did you know you could get a high on New York and a panoramic view of Manhattan from the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s roof top garden? Have a glass of wine, or perhaps an expresso? But … Read More

NY Eats: Food, Song and Sex

I had an awesome afternoon exploring various new restaurants in New York today. My long time friend, Donnalee Robinson, joined me for an adventure in food today. Let’s just say trouble was in town! First stop Marseille for to lunch in French cuisine. I had Mediterranean Chicken Salad. Chopped green vegetable salad with feta cheese and yogurt sauce and lemon … Read More

Daily Eats: Hell’s Kitchen New York

I spent the afternoon getting reacquainted with Hell’s Kitchen. HK is where I lived for 10 years. It was the best 10 years of my life. I can’t believe all the changes; so many new restaurants have opened, new Daily Eats to experience. So many are of Asian cuisine. It’s hard to believe it’s Hell’s Kitchen, but one consistency is … Read More

Wedding Eats: Geeks Get Married

It was a lovely wedding ceremony at the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church. Yes, I actually was in a church, it felt like a 120 degree I thought I was in hell. The sweetest guy and smartest geek in the world gets married to a very lovely and beautiful woman. Ryan and Maggie got married, now known as Mr. and Mrs. … Read More

Brooklyn Eats: Kitchen Paper Towel Etiquette

I know I possess higher than average intelligence but evidently I didn’t know there is a right way and wrong to dispense kitchen paper towels from the paper towel rack. “The logic of placing the roll of kitchen paper towels on the kitchen paper towel rack”, the boyfriend instructed me, “is so that it will roll off and you can … Read More

Brooklyn, NY Part II: Dinner, Tivo and Threshold

So, what did you think of Threshold? Part II we had an apple tart from Ceci-Cela, which was very yummy. Threshold has good casting and overall good story, though some fundamental flaws in theory, slightly twisted reality of physics. I enjoyed it, but Threshold has tough competition with SciFi Friday’s line up of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and the racing … Read More