BreatheStrong for a Good Cause

Kim Buchheit is a my very dear friend, who I enjoy visiting at the Grand Canyon. When she told me her brother, Scott, had become very ill and was on the verge of dying from Cystic Fibrosis and needed a double lung transplant to live, I knew that seemed like an impossibility, but the universe does provide. I’m dedicating this … Read More

Setting a place at Galatoire’s by Lisa Napoli

Melvin Rodrigue of New Orleans’ legendary Galatoire’s Restaurant talks to Marketplace host Lisa Napoli about the challenge of doing business in the Crescent City post-Katrina. You can listen to the story at Marketplace.

Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar

A few weeks ago I met a friend of mine at Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar. Wow. The Deconstructed Oysters Rockefeller were all they were touted to be. The little dishes between courses and before the appetisers were delightful. Of course, I’d recommend any of the seafood dishes. And the dessert–a Rosemary Black Pepper Creme Brulee–was super neat. The decor is … Read More

Noshin’ in the Cellar

Macy’s Cellar is like NYC’s Times Square for food. Managed by Cucina & Co., you can get almost any kind of food you’d like down there, and then sit in the white ceramic-tiled seating area, enjoying the cacophony of the world passing you by. I enjoyed a delicious robust hot coffee with one of my best friends, Lisa Jouris. Lisa … Read More

bagels in arizona:finally a place to go

Coming from New York, being treated rudely is part of the New York deli experience but I moved out here to escape some of that. I have become a kindler and gentler diner. After 5 years of being barked at, stickered as to my table assignment, having friends charged for an extra few shreds of cheese, told they can’t get … Read More

Pam Real Thai

Wow. All I can say is that when they say “Spicy” on the menu, they mean it! And, don’t think you can send your meal back and not get charged for it. That’s what happened to me when my friend Eddie and I dined at this (thank-goodness-it’s) cheap (and really good) restaurant. Our meals arrived before my Thai Iced Tea, … Read More

Daily Eats NY: Financier where only New Yorkers Go

I met Quentin English, of Quentin’s Friends fame, at Financier for afternoon tea. It was a delightful afternoon spent talking about blogging, babies, and beautiful things.Financier is a place known by true New Yorkers as that wonderful out of the way place way downtown on a cobble street of Stone Street for a taste of Paris and lovely French pastries. … Read More

Bay Ridge Eats: DES and Doggie Treats

DES is not at all an average dog, named after Data Encryption Standard, has a preference over her doggie treats. I wanted to make friends and usually don’t with dogs being I’m deathly allergic but DES is special. Not having a clue about dogs I wanted to give her something special so she didn’t feel bad about the distance we … Read More