Quantum Eating – Old West – Part 2

Dining at El Charro, the oldest restaurant in the US was a delicious treat and the margaritas were excellent. The conversation over burritos was enlightening. The interior of El Charro was delightful warm and inviting. I only wish we arrived at El Charro earlier in the evening. It would seem everything in Tucson closes around 9 pm this New Yorker … Read More

Mmmm…Chocolate, uh wait, it’s Cacao!

Mmmm trackback to Random Thoughts from Howard Gr. Now he’s talking my language! That is chocolate. In his post “Mmmm…Chocolate, uh wait, it’s Cacao!” Howard meets Sweetriot founder Chief Rioter Sarah Endline who turns Howard onto raw Cacao. Howard makes a compelling statement to try it out. I’ll have to do that. Thanks Howard!

Frappr Daily Eats Food Lover’s Map

This is so cool! I just made a Frappr Daily Eats Food Lover’s Map. Jump on board and state your favorite food. http://www.frappr.com/dailyeatsfoodloversunite

YaGoof Earns a Place in My Heart

This is a family that does everything together. I love it. Their team branding is so great Team EEK! They want to hear about your goofs while promoting McIntyre’s Candies. I am going to give McIntyre’s Candies a try and give it a proper review.Good luck Team EEK! get our schools blogging!

Quantum Universe – part 1 Quantum Foods

After I finished licking my wounds, I realized I shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, beside the bad taste that was left in my mouth was ruining my desire for chocolate. I decided I needed a road trip. So, I recruited Travis, whose birthday incidentally it happened to be. Travis is awesome to travel with. He can speak Quantum Physics with … Read More

Boylan’s Orange Soda

I discovered Boylan’s Orange Soda a few weeks ago (where the heck have I been?), and my 3-1/2 year old son, Nicholas, and I are hooked. I found it at the same local Italian gourmet grocery store that I got the Nutella lookalike snack packs at. It’s a little less carbonated than a traditional orange soda like Sunkist, and less … Read More

Nutella On the Go?

A few weeks ago, I discovered an Italian gourmet grocery store in my own town. We’ve lived here 4 years and although I’ve passed by it a million times, I had never been inside. I bought a TON of stuff and have been back twice since then already. Being a Nutella fan, as soon as I spied these, I grabbed … Read More

Licking My Wounds & the Fine Art of Comfort Food

Have you been dealt a psychological blow that was so powerful that you feel physically? I got mine recently from someone I thought was a close friend someone I care so deeply about. I won’t bore you with the details of why he did what he because I don’t even understand why he did what he did to me.I sit … Read More