Daily Eats: Food Porn

Have a listen: I finally digested the entire European Import Food Show. Wow it was a great event. I thank Jeremy Furrer, Sizzle Events, for getting me a ticket and having Chef Miles and Alfred look after me. Here are some more observations:Meats, Cheeses, Pastas, SpicesPeppadew – sweet hot pepper chevre was excellent.Cabot Raspberry Tarts – Cabot extra sharp cheddar … Read More

European Import Food Show – Part 2

Have a Listen: Live interview of Roland Ulrich, General Manager of the European Imports ltd. Food Show. It was truly a delicious day for Daily Eats. tags: European Import Food Show, Scottsdale Resort, Scottsdale, AZ, Rick Bayless, Mexican Everyday

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #49

European Import Food Show – Scottsdale Resort, Scottsdale, AZGabcast! Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #49Have a listen! Interviewing attendees and participants at the Food Show. Alfred Friedmann, Applied on the Job Culinary Training in Tucson, and Laurent Baillon, Pastry Chef, French Gourmet. They gave their opinions of the food show. tags: european foods, italian, french, british, german, swiss, French Gourmet, … Read More

Where is all the Tasty Sockeye Salmon?

Have a listen: I did not get my weekly dose of coffee at Lux Coffeebar. I really like this place. One of these days I’m going to get the owner to give me a podcast. Since I haven’t been feeling well I have to cut out the coffee, chocolate, and a few other delicious things until I start to feel … Read More

Alton Brown: Feasting On Asphalt

I was watching the food channel this afternoon. Something I share with my dad. I absolutely love and adore Good Eats’ Alton Brown. He’s charming sexy knowledgeable, he made the world of chemistry so much more exciting by combining it with cooking. I love Good Eats, it is my favorite Food Network program. This afternoon I was watching Alton’s newest … Read More

What Makes a Good Gratuity?

Tipping could be a bit frustrating. The Waiter, at Waiter Rant, was on NPR recently talking about what makes a good tip. You can hear all about tipping at this NPR Interview:“Tipping Point: What Makes a Good Gratuity?”http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5704350tags: tipping, gratuity, how much to tip, international tipping.

Conversation about great place for Breakfast

“We had breakfast at this great place this morning.”, said my mother. “What’s the name of it?” , I replied. My mother answered, “I don’t know but it was good.” “What town were you and Dad in having breakfast?”, I asked her. “We were in Gilbert.”, Mom said. Getting slightly impatient I asked, “Mom, where in Gilbert were you?” “We … Read More

Travel Channel to Air Fatcake’s "Craving Adventure" in Prime Time Slot

“Craving Adventure,” a food/adventure television show created by Chicago production company, Fatcake Productions, has landed a coveted spot on prime timetelevision and will be aired at 8 PM/CST on Thursday, August 24th and 11 PM/CST onFriday, August 25th. Filmed in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, “Craving Adventure” follows the food/adventure escapades of wildly entertaining and fearless host, MistyTosh. While deep sea … Read More

Carefree and Playing House

Have a listen: I had the most amazing weekend last weekend this week I spent recovreing from being ill. I just randomly reached out to my pal, the handsome and sexy, Peter Shankman, to thank him for giving me a good laugh from his latest posting on his blog. Turns out Peter was in Carefree this weekend enjoying his stay … Read More

Check the Pulse

I am a frequent diner of the Pulse cafe in the Sports Club/LA in Rockefeller Plaza. For my birthday, (today, August 16th), I decided to treat myself (well, okay, my dad was treating!) to a sit-down full meal lunch in the restaurant. Always a happy customer of the cafe, I was confident we’d have a great experience in the more … Read More