After Christmas and Eating Pet Food

I hope everyone had a jolly happy hohoho! I know have to do a couple of extra miles after eating all of mom’s cookies. They were delicious. I did head south to Tucson for intimate Cocktails with Courtney and was delighted to see Nick Boris and meet the lovely Elizabeth. We learned a few terms of endearment for Nick while … Read More

Shane’s Freestyle Holiday Rap – shoutout for Tery

Gabcast! Rockshane #13 – Shane Freestyle Rap for The Holidays Shane, “Wishing all of you Happy Holidays! “ This the nicest holiday gift I ever got! Thanks Shane for the Shoutout! I love your latest song! “I think I love her.”

Daily Eats Christmas Dinner 2nd Course

Click To Play Christmas Dinner Course 2 – Daily Eats Christmas dinner was traditional Italian Cavatelli with my mother’s famous red tomatoe and meat sause. Joyce also makes a delicious braciola she secret is rasins. Mom also adds rasins to her meat rolls for that special spice and flavor. Delicious! Thanks Mom for always making Christmas so special. You that’s … Read More

Daily Eats Christmas Dinner: Course 1

Click To Play Daily Eats celebrates Christmas with the Spataro Family in Gilbert, AZ. We don’t celebrate Christmas in the usual gift giving format. We’re just happy to all be together. This year especially happy we’re only separated by one state and not spread across the US. Course 1 is traditional Italian antipasto with mushrooms, italian chesses, salami, olives, and … Read More

Holiday Table Talk

Click To Play My family is in denial of those funny christmas emails everyone gets.

Daily Eats – Spataro Holiday Greeting

Click To Play This home video is all about the holiday table talk. We started celebrating Christmas early. Joanne, my sister and her husband, Scott are going to Las Vegas for Christmas had dinner with us Thursday night. Tom, my brother is on his way to Phoenix from San Diego. For the first time in 11 years we’re all with … Read More

Daily Eats Holiday Traditions with Ron McDaniel

Ron McDaniel, is enthusiastic about everything! He talked to us about buzz and word of mouth marketing. Ron is a consultant and speaker and comes to us from Kent, Ohio. His current book is “Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing”, reveals 57 word of mouth challenges for businesses. Ron tells us about his favorite Daily Eats, Holiday Traditions and what it’s like to … Read More

Rockefeller & Co. Employee’s Holiday Party

Rockefeller & Co. had their annual holiday party for the nearly 200 employees who work for this firm or for in a family member’s office. I, as not many of you may know, work for one of the family members in his private equity offic. Yes, this is where I’ve been hiding out till I launch the next exciting phase … Read More