Daily Eats The Herbal Tea Kitchen

Are you a tea drinker? Do you prefer herbal teas? If so, you may not know it but you can create your own personalized herbal teas through the use of muscle testing and by having a basic supply of herbal ingredients on hand. According to Shawna Timmerman, a multidimensional healer and herbalist, the top 10 herbs to have on hand … Read More

A Visit to Smorgas Chef in Midtown Manhattan

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Chief Eater of Daily Eats, and friend, Tery Spataro on Friday evening. We went to a restaurant called Smorgas Chef. The genre can be described as Scandinavian Cuisine. It’s located in the heart of Turtle Bay (Midtown Manhattan)—on the corner of 2nd Ave. & 49th Street. The Service was very good, as … Read More

Famous Fat Dave’s Five Borough Eating Tour

I was listening to WNYC NPR, Mark Phillips report this morning about “Famous Fat Dave Cab Driver Seeks the Valuable Food Tips“. This morning on NPR I heard the best story about a true food lover: Famous Fat Dave, who has a degree from NYU in History but chose to drive a cab. Dave Freedenberg discovered his love and passion … Read More

Daily Eats at the Secret Garden, SLO

If you love Harry Potter stories, you’ll love Bubble Gum Alley and The Secret Garden in San Luis Obispo (SLO), California! Bubble Gum Alley is named appropriately because the walls of the buildings on both sides of the alley are creatively covered in chewing gum. Slogans, “I love (insert name)” and all manner of other presentations with chewed gum can … Read More

outerborough appetite: indian food in jackson heights

There is Indian food on 6th Street and Indian food in Little India, and then there is Indian food in Jackson Heights. Forget the Jackson Diner, walk right past it to Delhi Palace. Take a seat along with the Indian families and the tourists and the new New Yorkers there bringing their out-of-town visitors. Ignore them. Focus on the food. … Read More

Le Singe Vert ~ Après Paris

Without losing a moment Tery and I headed over to Le Singe Vert and indulged in some rich Eggs Benedict with Crab Cakes while Tery munched on eggs and fries.

Easter With Pop

‘Twas a week before Easter when all through the house, Pop and I cooked and shared our easter dinner. He made a delicious Fish dish with a tomato and onion salsa and I tried a very salty potato recipe. For dessert I broiled some nectarines and served them with freshly whipped cream and maple syrup. Yum!

Sunday Brunch Brite Food Shop Chelsea

Click To Play It was a delicious and delightful Sunday brunch at Brite Food Shop. One of my favorite places for good eats and sometimes organic good eats. Tags: Daily Eats Sunday Brunch

Road Warrior Breakfast

While at JFK outbound to Dulles on JetBlue had breakfast with my Siegel+Gale colleague Peter Cohl. Check out my twitters and friends on the right side twitter widget. If you twitter about food add me as a friend your food twitters will show up on Daily Eats.

Daily Eats Don’t Bother

Pettit Abeille, 1st Avenue and 20th Street: Wait staff was hanging on bar while dirty dishes compete for counter space and guests are aghast. I thought I was going to have a nice peaceful lunch last Sunday but the music was loud and wait staff was buzzing about like little worker bees, would idle at the bar while I was … Read More