Podcamp NYC – Lubna Dajani and Geo Geller

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #109 Lubna Dajani is the CEO/founder of Stratemerge Inc. and organizer of MobileMondays. Geo Geller is a creative genius, artist and filmmaker who I’ve know since the internet early days. It was fun finding out their favorite daily eats. click to listen: tags: Lubna Dajani, Geo Geller, Podcamp NYC, gabcast, MobileMondays

Podcamp NYC – Jacqueline Edwards

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #108I met Jacqueline while waiting for the Deloitte session to start. Jacqueline’s business is Business Pipeline. Her favorite Daily Eats is water.click to listen: tags: gabcast, Jacqueline Edwards, Business Pipeline, Podcamp NYC, Deloitte

Podcamp NYC – Carter Harkins

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #107 Lots of excitement at Podcamp NYC. Meet Carter Harkins of CrowdAbout.us. Carter’s favorite Daily Eats’ is a latte. click to listen: tags: Podcamp NYC, carter harkins, crowdabout.us, gabcast

Podcamp NYC – goods eats recommendations

At Slate lastnight saw some elder statespeople from early days, dear friends, and made some new friends. My breakfast and recommendations for good eats near the New Yorker Hotel…well in Hell Kitchen. If you’re at Podcamp NYC look for me I have a Daily Eats Tshirt on. Click to listen:

Daily Eats Midnight Snack

I was out with my colleagues at Siegel+Gale for after work cocktails. I decided a big dinner wasn’t what I needed. Looking into my refrigerator I found these items: Made this: I did leave out the salad and avocado. It was delicious!What’s your favorite midnight snack? tags: midnight snack

Noshing with the Media Beacon

The last time Rob Norman aka the Media Beacon, and I spoke he told me he couldn’t speak to me anymore because of who I worked for. Well, that was seven years ago and needless to say a lot has happened. I would have never given Rob another thought if it wasn’t for Yahoo featuring the Media Beacon, himself in … Read More

Finding the Best Price for My Fix

My colleague, John, at Siegel+Gale, came into my office; he said “I found the best price for my fix.”“Your fix?”, I questioned. John, responded, “Yes, I love those yellow lemon bars that are sold at Pax but the price seems to fluctuate all the time.” Oh I know what John means I went to Chinatown over the weekend to find … Read More

Daily Eats Sunday Brunch

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #105 Cooking with the chiefeater. Making another egg frittata. Bianca cheese from Hawthrone Valley Farm, flowers, and a few other food items from the Union Square Green Market. Click to listen:

Christians for the Chocolate Jesus

A good friend my mine called me a second ago. She was all excited and kept asking, “Did you see the chocolate Jesus?” She’s knows I’m a chocolate lover she also knows about my former Catholic upbringing, though I long since left the Church, I do admire the Elaine Pagels’s Jesus. Being so intrigued and wondering, it is April 1st, … Read More