Daily Eats New Blogger: Chef Lisa Buzzeo

Lisa Buzzeo is a passionate and unique artist. Combining her love for the arts and food, became talented Garde Manger Chef. An eye for presentation and taste for perfection, always has a new idea to share. Chef Lisa is Daily Eats’ newest blogger.

Happy Birthday Internet!

If I knew it was your birthday I would have baked a cake. Today marks the official unofficial birthday of the internet. This was the day in which to computers 400 miles away, got together and sent a message over to each other. These two characters I0 transformed our very lives today. What out the internet there would be no … Read More

Social Measure the Holy Grail – SMBChicago

The other morning I had the pleasure of being asked to moderate a session; the honor to discuss an important subject – Digital Measurement precisely Social Media Measurement. We’re all trying to figure out how to measure social media, the Social Media Breakfast was perfect place to discuss theories and successes in measuring social media. I wasn’t sure of the … Read More

Books for Sweet Lovers and Wine Novices

Wine and Candy, two great tasting foods, that are delicious and mysterious. To the average person deciding on a wine to purchase can be a mind boggling. Wine Secrets, Advice from Winemakers, Sommeliers, and Connoisseurs, by Marnie Old, provides a user’s guide to taking the overwhelming complexities out of the grape. Marnie Old takes the novice wine drinker from wine … Read More