Less is More – The Kitchen: [Next Door] Boulder, CO

If you’re a minimalist and love an unpretentious environment “The Kitchen: [Next Door]” is for you —and apparently for me. As you enter the sparely furnished dining area you can’t help to take note of the modern French influence on the decor. As I approached the interior I could smell something delicious is cooking – indeed it is. It’s not just the environment that is minimalistic its the food – only using 70 ingredients are used through out the entire menu. I brought my good friend, Kit Seeborg, to try out some of the menu. Kit and I are not shy at all about trying new eats. We dug in!

  • My first time ever I had a glass of wine on tap – yes that’s right wine on tap! I am a wine snub but this wine on tap was delicious. I tried the Jack Rabbit Hill “Dill Farm” Riesling from Colorado. It’s a lovely summer wine that went very well with every thing I ordered.
  • The Kale Chips are very different – lightly salted with olive oil – crisp and enjoyable – I like kale chips so much better than grilled Brussels sprouts which could be bitter with a funny after taste..
  • Spiced Chickpeas and Humus with sweet onion is served with bread – for those that are glutton free – so sorry about that – the bread is delicious with humus. I love a good chickpea salad – this on is refreshing.
  • Quinoa salad with beets, arugula, beans, carrots – this truly a surprise to my senses – a mixture of “sweet and lemony flavors which take your tongue to the edge of brilliance” – to quote Kit.
  • We couldn’t stop ourselves we also tried The Kitchen’s Slow Roast Pork with salsa verde – truly simple the pork cooked to perfection BUT it’s the salsa verde a mixture of pesto and mint that enrich the flavors.
  • The big finish came as an Ice Cream Sandwich – a real chocolate chip cookie with creamy vanilla ice cream. AND a Chocolate Mousse that is simplely perfect to the taste. I can never have enough chocolate mousse.

Quinoa at The Kitchen   The Kitchen [Next Door] draws a local crowd – those who are all to familiar with Owner/Chef Hugo Matheson; who is all about sustainability and utilization of local farms. I admit I am a big fan of Hugo! He has a way of coaxing the flavors out of his dishes – though the American palate may need to show patience – our tongues are so over salted, sweetened, and spiced we truly need a new road-map to divine consumption – this is place will allow for new sophistication. As pointed out the sparsely decorated interior was created by Jen Lewin, also owner of The Kitchen [Next Door]. Though sparse; there are incredible details that provide an eating experience that takes me back to Europe and UK – I love a common sharing table because it provides an opportunity to be social. The private sitting area in the front is exposed seats 8 people or you can use this are for a small private cocktail event. Perhaps I’ll be using it soon as I embark on my next adventure… Kimbal Musk you truly out did yourself and gave the people of Boulder and those who share similar aesthetic for less is more; something special to enjoy. The Kitchen [Next Door] opened on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Pre-opening launch that raised $15,000 for charity – this is what I love about Boulder entrepreneurs always finding a way to give back to the community!

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