Breakfast at Gracie Manison

I don’t usually arrive any where early but this was a special occasion. It was breakfast at Gracie Mansion and chit chat about New Media. Two out of three of my favorite subjects: breakfast and new media. I’m more about constructive chit chat not so much chatter.

For some reason I had it in my head that breakfast was at 7:30am. As we all experienced today it was a rainy horrible morning. I took car service up town way up town way way way up town to Gracie Mansion. I got there by 7:15am. I thought this would give me a few minutes to freshen up and put on some serious smooze lipstick. Mind you it was raining, pouring raining. I walked up the driveway there were some people outside the Mansion keep in mind I’m way up town and it’s raining and car that dropped me off was well on it’s way to somewhere else.

Abruptly, I was told I was early. I asked if could I wait inside. They said no. I asked is there somewhere I could stay. One young woman shrugged her shoulders and she said she didn’t know this area at all. They told me I couldn’t wait there.

Keep in mind I’m dressed in business dress and it’s raining I was invited to discuss the state of new media in NYC and trying to figure out how to breathe life into Silicon Alley. I was a little put out ok I was a lot put out. It was early I was giving up my valuable time to be there. So what to do and where to go when the host tells you your too early to let in?

I found this deli on the corner of York and 88th a block away in the rain. Lucky for me the owner just let me hang out there. When I returned I was greeted by the friendly smile of Kathryn V. Jones of If Not Now When?. Also attending on this rainy day the famous Bill Sobel, Shelly Palmer, Bob Greenberg, John Havens, Jack Myers and several other folks willing to share their thoughts on where new media and business needs. Who were not represented beside Bob Greenberg and myself were the other earlytimers, those of us who helped build Silicon Alley circa 1995.

Over ten years ago I attended a breakfast just like this one for the same city committee on film. It has a new name Made in NY. It was the same discussion different time. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is, if there is an outcome.

As the guest who arrived early at the Gracie Mansion breakfast, just keep in mind I vote, but mosting importantly I blog. Never keep constituents out in the rain. It’s just plain rude to do that to a guest who votes and also one who is willing to help put Silicon Alley back on the map.

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