Porscha on the Vynl Diner

New York, New York – The Vynl Diner is great place in Hell’s Kitchen. When I lived in HK eat at the Vynl Diner on a semi-regular basis. The old fashion turkey meat loaf is divine. Porscha gives her review of pancakes. Vynl is a great place for breakfast and fun place to eat anytime. Located at 754 9th Ave, … Read More

Oyster Bar – Porscha Reporting

New York, NY – This was Porscha’s first time eating at the lovely classic Oyster Bar and her first time eating oysters. Porscha is Daily Eats teen blogger – gives her opinion on what teens love to eat. tags: Porscha, seafood, oyster bar, fish and chips, daily eats


Well todays my last day, working with tery. Im going to miss all those rushed lunch breaks that we have had together…and those early mornings, getting ready to go to work.

July 31 For dinner tery and I went to vice versa , terys favorite Italian restaurant. We were greeted by the owner himself who owns three restaurants all over. Tery ordered a salad and also raviolis and I ordered the salmon which came with mashed potatoes, spinach, and horse radish. Then of course we had to save room for deserts. … Read More

July 31 For lunch Tery, Domingo and I went to coffee café a little aways from grand central station. We all ordered a turkey burger with lettuce, cheese, grilled onions, and tomato with a side of herb fries. As we were waiting for our orders, Tery remember hearing that the restaurant was closed months ago. The bar tender gave us … Read More