Make Your Own Sushi Rolls

I took a sushi roll class at the House of Leaf and Bean in Jacksonville, FL. A truly wonderful experience, that is so wonderful I took what I learned and tried making veggie and shrimp sushi rolls. Thank you, Wen! The House of Leaf and Bean is a must go to if you love healthy centric dishes & drinks in … Read More

Independence Day Yumminess Found on Pinterest

Pinterest is the go to place for holiday festivity planning! Independence Day is no different! Have a look at these delightful inspirations I found while planning our Independence Day celebration.

Getting Juiced

What started out as a harmlessness preoccupation, has turned into a ritual! Juicing is my new love – I do mean the healthy juicing. Once I saw the photo Kate Hough posted on Facebook a few weeks ago I knew I had to try it too. Here’s Kate’s recipe for  green juice is inspiring 1 head romaine lettuce with the heart of the lettuce … Read More

Martha Payne – Food Blogger – Journalist at 9 – Gets to Blog Again!

Martha Payne understands what a healthy meal is, she decided to take a deep hard look at her school lunches. Martha’s findings will astound us but not surprise us. She blogs the results of her lunch research in her food blog “NeverSeconds“. Martha is smart and clever – she created a rating scale called food-o-meter in which she reviews: Mouthfuls … Read More

Ringing 2012 with Glamorous Cocktails

Happy New Year! I have good feeling about 2012! Despite reports of doom/gloom. I think 2012 is going to set the steps for our future. Let’s kick this off by celebrating what we learned from the past by something new and exciting to clang our glasses too. These deliciously looking cocktails are created and inspired by Julien Pieras [The Twinkle] … Read More

Holiday Candy

My brother, Tom gave Anita Chu’s “A Field Guide to Candy” a try. For Thanksgiving, Tom made the Chocolate Peanut Butter candies. Tom’s candies have a familiar taste almost similar to a childhood favorite: Reese’s peanut butter cup. But there is a freshness to Tom’s candies and choices that can be made with chocolate and peanut butter. I could image … Read More

Blake the Cat on Eating

Meet Blake the Cat who is an unusual white and black tabby with one blue eye and one green eye. Blake also likes to talk. Blake wants to eat when he wants to eat. Blake has a special diet he eats canned food in the morning. I try to buy him organic cat canned food. At night Blake dines on … Read More

Delicious & Delightful End of Summer

Greenport, Long Island – Daily Eats was invited to celebrate Labor Day with Tim & Larry on Greenport, LI. Larry cooked the entire brunch. Everything was either fresh picked from his garden or bought locally from the farmers. There is nothing more satisfying then growing your own fruits and vegetables, as well as harvesting and eating from your garden. If … Read More

Daily Eats Tip: How to Peel a Tomato

New York, New York – In another effort to make peeling easier, in the past I talked about peeling mango, I learned this trick over the weekend from my friend, Larry. He was making his amazing Watermelon Gazpacho which called for tomatoes. First, he made sure he washed his home grown tomatoes clean. Then he put the whole sweet tomatoes … Read More

Exploring Koreatown with Caryn Rose

Caryn Rose and I explored Koreatown and found this awesome Korean Bakery. I had no idea that Korean Baked goods could be so delicious! We both agree Koryodang is a great place for Korean sweets! tags: koryodang, Koreatown, mochi, daily eats