How to Peel a Mango

I love the taste of mango. It has a sweet perfume taste. How the heck do you slice mango? Having one sitting in front of me I looked at it logically and thought I should score two circular patterns. Then I decided to see if somewhere on the internet someone can tell me how to slice this slippery fruit.’s … Read More

More Shout Outs for Daily Eats

Daily Eats is included in the study on Successful Blogs and Bloggers! Thanks Northeastern University and Backbone Media.Successful Blogs So, what’s your favorite Daily Eats?

Happy Saint Pat’s and Corn Beef

Where did the time go? I can hardly believe it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s all about corn beef today. My mother has been preparing for this day. She’s been bragging about a recipe for corn beef that will make your mouth water with joy. I’ll have the taste and tell on corn beef tonight. I am behind in Daily Eats. … Read More

Holy Hostess Twinkie Sushi

Well I’m on a roll that would be sushi roll. Since Scott Ferguson introduced me to Spam Musubi, he started me thinking about unusual sushi rolls. Here’s one from Planet Twinkie that has most food bloggers giggling in tags. Especially, Boing Boing’s lovely, Xeni Jardin who posted Twinkie Sushi Party, Yay. Once you get over the ick factor, the aesthetics … Read More

Couples Bond Through Shared Experiences

Couples can bond by cooking together and that’s the best way of keeping a long-term relationship happy and healthy. The process of cooking takes us back to our most primitive instincts and rejuvinates the five senses. Bond is exactly what Joyce and Tony do when they cook together. Regardless of the constant arguments over food preparation etiquette and cooking styles … Read More

Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktails with Friends

Good Morning Breakfast was in order at The Coffee Shop with Ellen Sragow. I love The Coffee Shop. You can always count you dining to be young future starlet or model. The food is great and kitsch interior is fun. It was great to meet Ellen there. I’ve known Ellen for over 18 years. She runs an impressive Gallery in … Read More

Great Eats and Dear Friends

After a full day of business meetings dropped by the New York Palace for coffee. It’s a $5 cup of coffee that doesn’t taste at all like a great cup of coffee. I was disappointed perhaps my disappointed was due to the fact Villard, my favorite place to hang out in Midtown, didn’t open until 5pm. 6:30pm I invited friends … Read More

I See Pancakes in the Grand Canyon – 020305

I have this thing about seeing food in almost everything I look at. Now that’s what I call food obsessed. Mike Buchheit, lustrous field director of the Grand Canyon Field Institute, was giving a colorful and informative presentation at REI in Tempe on trials and tribulations of Grand Canyon water rafting. Packed full of great slides depicting rafting adventures of … Read More