New York Newbies

Last night on my flight from Las Vegas I was seated next to Katie and Lisa two young New York Newbies. I gave the my favorite list of NY Daily Eats:ViceVersa my favorite ItalianChapen ThaiWondee Thai on 10th AveXaiXai my favorite South African tapasTwo Booths Pizza original in East VillageOf course Arthuros, LombardisAmys BreadCoffee Pot

Party Planning Over Long Distance

Recently my brother, Tom and my sister, Joanne and I gave a surprise joint birthday party for my parents. Tom lives in Southern California, Joanne in Scottsdale though travels non stop for work and I in NYC. We managed to bridge the distance gap to plan this party. Thank goodness for the internet, free conference, and Skype. The invites … Read More

What do you eat when you have the winter blues?

Lately the winter blues have me down. I feel unmotivated and uninspired. Right now I’m staring into a big mug of coffee and looking for a sign in the stream as it whirls around. If only coffee talk. Maybe tea leaves have the response I’m looking for. What I’m really looking for is purpose, isn’t that what we are all … Read More

Soda is Public Enemy #1 In the Obesity Fight

New York, New York – I don’t want to be the Daily Eats food activist, but I found this article on CNN which is worth discussing. Soda is public enemy number 1, in the fight against obesity. There’s no nutritional value in consuming soda especially those of the cola nature. BUT, that’s a big but —the article says you should … Read More

New Research on Soda

I met Catherine Morgan at blogher07 conference. Catherine Morgan is the contributing editor to the Health and Wellness topic on blogher. She told me about study linking Diet Soda to Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. I recommend all soda drinkers read Catherine’s post. Other articles on Soda by Daily Eats:For Women: Are you a cola drinker? Daily Eats Podcast: … Read More

Rats & French Dining Delicious

Daily Eats reviews Ratatouille a movie about rats and french food. Artist, Pam Riding gives her review of Citron Bistro and movie, Ratatouille. Citron Bistro NYC is located on Columbus Avenue and 83. tags: Ratatouille, Citron Bistro, Pam Riding, Daily Eats, French Food, Disney Ratatouille

Tough Week on Food – Would you know if you ate fake food?

New Yorkers are depressed because Magnolia Bakery was shut down for lack of a sink. They should have bribed the inspector with cupcakes.What about the rest of world? fake food from China? Now this is really scary…could we be heading done the path of synthetics?Would you know if you were eating fake food? tags: fake food

Is LA Growing On Me? 3/11-14/05

I took the milk run from Phoenix to LA, you know that very early morning Southwest flight which only the hard core business travelers, who dare to beat the cows to the office. First stop was the Rose Cafe. A lovely country style cafe with outdoor eating. I had a great bagel with tomato and cream cheese with a decaf-coffee. … Read More

Couples Bond Through Shared Experiences

Couples can bond by cooking together and that’s the best way of keeping a long-term relationship happy and healthy. The process of cooking takes us back to our most primitive instincts and rejuvinates the five senses. Bond is exactly what Joyce and Tony do when they cook together. Regardless of the constant arguments over food preparation etiquette and cooking styles … Read More