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California Pizza Kitchen in Las Vegas At the Fashion Show Mall I was up and adam Saturday morning, why should I linger in bed in Las Vegas? By 9:30 am I was riding the LV Monorail from the Stratosphere to the Four Seasons where Bill and Joseph stayed. We couldn’t at more opposite ends of the strip. I enjoyed soaking … Read More

Ouch, I have a belly ache ;-(

Well, I hope it goes away so I can write something great about food. I will be attending a wonderful late afternoon gathering at Rachel Woodburn’s. Rachel started Second Saturdays in which she invites friends to her lovely home in Scottsdale. Sounds wonderful and I’m hoping I feel better enough to attend.

Where’s the Beef from?

It was a lovely shopping therapy day. After shopping we needed our daily lunch and we searched for it like trying to find a needle in a haystack. First we looked for the Asian Diner I spotted one night driving home but couldn’t remember exactly where it was located. Then searched for the Mexican restaurant. Couldn’t find that either. So … Read More

Friends United through Love of Food

My romance of food started with my family. I remember the love of making home made pastas, rich tomato sauces, and sausages. When I lived in New York my roommate, Caroline, turned me on to sushi. Caroline has great tastes in NY restaurants and throwing extravagant parties. It all became a ritual for me a celebration of great eats. My … Read More

Daily Eats – Anxiety Driven Dieters

I finally exceeded my bandwidth over the dieting craze. It’s enough to make me a food lover anxiety driven over anything I put into my mouth. The ads are overwhelming both on and offline. Dieting has become a huge industry not to mention a sport! The road to maintaining weight isn’t from some fad diet it’s through sensible eating and … Read More

Opa again at Crazy Jim’s Restaurant

I’m always one to extend birthdays so today I took Joanne out to lunch to extend her birthday. She made time in her hectic schedule as Director, Media and Public Relations, for U-Haul to a fabulous lunch at Crazy Jim’s. It was her choice. We both ordered Gyros. Had traditional humus as an appetizer. They know how to make humus! … Read More