Chipotle’s Kind Acts in Customer Recognition!

It was Monday night and another late night at work. I was starved so I wondered over to Chipotle at 316 N. Michigan Avenue. I’ve been there a number of times since I started working in the Chicago office. I guess you can call me a Chipotle regular.

I like it because most of the flavorful meats are free range or natural feed, though packed with a lot of calories; most of the vegetables are fresh. Monday night was special for me. Nelly Roman, who works nights at Chipotle offered to buy me dinner. I was so surprised. Now, that’s what I call great customer recognition! s to Nelly kudos for such a wonderful gesture. Now, I now Chipotle for me is not just a late night work meal its great place with awesome people that really acknowledge their customers.

I’ll be back again this week!

Thank you again Nelly!

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