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Are you a tea drinker? Do you prefer herbal teas? If so, you may not know it but you can create your own personalized herbal teas through the use of muscle testing and by having a basic supply of herbal ingredients on hand.

According to Shawna Timmerman, a multidimensional healer and herbalist, the top 10 herbs to have on hand in your kitchen are as follows:

1) Aloe Vera (plant or bottles of aloe vera juice) acts as antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, laxative and astringent. It lowers cholesterol, improves circulation, soothes the stomach, and aids healing. My mother and aunt always kept aloe vera plants on hand and it worked wonderfully for sunburn, cooking burns, etc.

2) Dandelion Leaf is a diuretic and blood cleanser/purifier, as well as a cleanser for kidneys, spleen, stomach, and pancreas.

3) Chickweed is good for respiratory and circulatory systems. It relieves congestion and is in high Vitamin C.

4) Hyssop expels excess mucus, regulates blood pressure, relieves congestion, and improves circulation.

5) Eucalyptus serves as a decongestant and antiseptic. It increases blood flow, reduces swelling, and aids the respiratory system.

6) Blue Cohosh eases muscle spasms, as well as being good for easing menstrual disorders and supporting the nervous system.

7) Burdock Root is an antioxidant and blood purifier/cleanser, as well as a supportive agent for the liver, gallbladder, digestive and immune systems.

8) Chaste Tree provides calming and soothing, plus relieves muscle spasms and regulates hormones and menstrual cycles.

9) Red Clover fights infection, purifies blood, expels mucus and serves as an antispasmodic, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory agent.

10) Skullcap is good for the heart and circulation. It also aids sleep, relieves spasms, and reduces pain, stress, headache, anxiety, and fatigue.

To choose the best combinations of herbs for any given day, use your intuition or a muscle testing process. A good summary of how to complete muscle testing is located at goodHealthinfo.net.

If you’re interested in receiving more advanced herbal remedies or training, contact Shawna Timmerman at shawna@shawnatimmerman.com.

Don’t forget to steep well for about 15-20 minutes. Cheers and Drink Up!!

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