Fun and Fruity Summer Cake Ideas

As the summer fast approaches, bakers start whipping out their summer recipes and start compiling the desserts that most suited for this sunny season. Desserts that are abundant during the summer season are fruit tarts, berry pies and ice cream, but why not try something new for a change and bake summer treats in the form of America’s favorite dessert, the cake? U.S. Foods claims that one of the top ten dessert trends favored by the 99% of American consumers that eat dessert is in fact, creative cake ideas. Not to mention, “we are a cake-centric society. We always have been, and it has only gotten more so,” says Rose Levy Beranbaum, America’s beloved queen of cakes. Here are three creative fruity cakes that you must try out this summer: 

Blueberry Yogurt Coffee Cake

Blueberry Yogurt Cake Blueberry desserts are great for the summer, and this cake is no exception. The blueberry yogurt cake contains ingredients like delicious berries and cinnamon. Its appearance is very similar to a sponge cake but with the added zest of the aforementioned berries. Take a look at the recipe on Shutterbean to get a pictorial guide of how to prepare such a delightful cake. 

Victoria Lemon Sponge Cake

Classic Victoria Lemon Sponge This is the dessert ideal for sunny weekends and summer teatimes. It was named after Queen Victoria, as she loved to pair her tea with a slice of this delicious sponge cake. Although Weave Thousand Flavors says that a typical Victoria sponge cake is made with raspberry jam and whipped cream, M&S Quality and Innovation Chef Blair Smethurst gives a quick video tutorial on how to achieve the classic flavor with less ingredients. 



Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Cake Instead of making berry tarts or pies this season, the roasted strawberry buttermilk cake is an interesting alternative and gives a new twist for summer flavors. The recipe calls for somewhat a strange mixture for the strawberry glaze (it’s not every day that people think of mixing the delectable fruits with maple syrup, olive oil and salt), but Joy the Baker assures that it’s a blend that impeccably matches the buttermilk cake. 

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