Martha Payne – Food Blogger – Journalist at 9 – Gets to Blog Again!

Martha Payne photo by David Payne

Martha Payne joined Nick Nairn at his cookery school for lunch today

Martha Payne understands what a healthy meal is, she decided to take a deep hard look at her school lunches. Martha’s findings will astound us but not surprise us. She blogs the results of her lunch research in her food blog “NeverSeconds“.

Martha is smart and clever – she created a rating scale called food-o-meter in which she reviews:

  • Mouthfuls
  • Courses
  • Health Rating
  • Price
  • Pieces of hair
  • Ease of eating with wrist in stookie
  • Wristband

This is brilliant! She using critical thinking! She should be applauded by the school for being smart, and her school should consider her findings.

Martha, I see a Pulitzer in your future. Keep up the good work! I think you are going to really love statistics!

Though I am relieved to see that Martha is allowed to continue her research, Argyll and Bute Council should consider that Martha is demonstrating her education. Her representation of what she is learning is evident in how she is observing and examining the problem, articulating the problem and discussing her research. Martha also has also combined the use of science with the use of art as shown in her well composed photographs. Hopefully Argyll and Bute Council will realize and be proud that Martha is a prize student who is using her skills in a positive way. Let’s make sure Martha continues to grow her skills and get her on the road for that Pulitzer!

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