Nookies Too Chicago

It was a stormy Sunday afternoon I just needed some comfort food. Nookies Too seemed to be the spot. It was crowded but I didn’t have to wait because there was a sit at the counter. I seated myself next two nice young men.

I’m a New Yorker though and though and usually will be the one to strike up a conversation while sitting at the counter. I use to do that a long time ago when I would frequent Christine’s in the East Village, this was one of Allen Ginsberg’s favorite places. I use to get the best conversations from Allen. That was then and this is now…

Nookies Too Southwest OmeletteBack to Nookies where the Southwest Omelette with black bean, red onion and corn relish, tomato, guacamole and pepperjack cheese was delicious, where I was having a pleasant conversation with John Nelson and Nick DeFrank who was sitting to my left at the counter. John told me he will only orders Eggs Benedict because he loves to try rate the Hollandaise sauce. He let me know Nookies’ Eggs Benedict, which was two poached eggs and canadian bacon on an english muffin with hollandaise, and hash browns was good. Hollandaise sause is best with a little lemon flavor I learned from him.

The company of these two men, John and Nick, certainly made my Sunday breakfast very pleasant. But biggest surprise was when the waitress came by to tell me John has paid for my breakfast. Of course I was embarrassed and then overwhelmed. It was so unexpected and so very kind.

Chicago is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. I think I’m going to really love it here.

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