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Tasting Arctic Char Roe

Tasting Arctic Char Roe

Amuse is Amused or better yet a symphony for the tongue presented by master chief, Michael Carlson.

Every experience at Schwa is probably unique to the patron. For me Schwa is a legendary adventure, where taste makes taste. You have to have an incredible palette to understand the complexities of this type of cuisine. I have never experienced combinations that are art yet are science too.

I tried to find a definition for Schwa instead found it described as a very ancient sound, though there is something sensual about saying it as sensual as the experience I had when eating there, it reminded me of my studies of antiquities of Rome’s decadence period – a phrase comes to mind: Schwa is an orgy for your taste buds.

The menu was titled Amuse. Each dish was presented like a work of art each had its own story to tell. The risotto came first – not any risotto but beet risotto with horseradish and taleggio – was an abstract design but scientific combination. My mouth exploded – it was all about the coming of spring.

Sunchoke soup – organe, sunflower sprouts – was gently sipped and has a smooth velvety flavor. There were steps leading to the Pad Thai which had a mixture of unique fragrances and tastes. My favorite tasting was a mouthful of Artic char roe – white asparagus, avocado, guava. Symphony of unusual Lobster chestnut, persimmon, prosciutto, Chicken liver – rutabaga, turmeric, beer – which I did not try but my friends said was exquisite. For me a first time ever Pork belly to die for.

The Duck – pumpkin, chocolate was an art piece Georgia O’Keefe would have been proud of. The Cheese was rather difficult to describe salty though sweet. The dessert special sweet breads another first time try for me. Schwa was a totally wonderful experience which refueled my love of art and my interest in science.

Schwa is a BYOB experience. My friend with inspiring wine taste sponsored the wines for the evening. These wines included:

2007 Heidi Schrock dry white blend – I especially loved this one

2007 Heidi Schrock Muscat

2007 Heidler Riesling

2006 Scholium Naucratis – equally loved this one

2004 Bocce Chianti – a little weak though a good palette cleaner

1997 Williams Selyem Olivet Lane Pinot

2001 Torbreck Descendent Shiraz

Though they were all delicious!

The uniqueness of the food did not spare the conversation nor the music. The conversation ranged from the arts to quantum physics to science fiction while the music started off with as soft and sensual changed as the evening progressed to acidity sounding Hip Hop from Harlem NYC. I totally in love with the sensuality of the evening I could only hope to have another experience at Schwa.

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