Thumbs Down for H.A.N.D!

We were hoping to bite into some savory juicy burgers “Americain” at H.A.N.D. (Have A Nice Day) in Paris. But we were all disappointed. The burgers were mediocre, there was hardly any cheese on the cheese-burgers, the cokes were flat, the onion rings looked like they were frozen Oreida, the milk shakes were watery and my strawberry cupcake tasted like nothing. There was no service to speak of, they didn’t bring enough water and we were there for three hours. Man! When it rains, it pours–and it poured all week in Paris, so I guess we topped off the week in a deluge of disappointment! Mince alors!

The NY Times seemed to think it was great though:

This place is being touted as part of the New Brooklyn in Paris, the “Best Burgers in Paris, ” “Vrai NY in Paris.” I beg to differ!

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